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Make things easier for you and your customers. From pioneering mortgage and finance originations to loan optimisation and more, see how Fignum thinking can help.

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Efficiency, Reimagined.

We're the finance specialists

We have deep and long-standing roots in financial services. Created for financial services people, by financial services people, we navigate the nuances of the sector combining insight and IT know-how.

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Payment Innovation

Success in collections is about delivering good customer outcomes and sustained repayments; our technology is designed to optimise both.

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Loan Origination

From mortgages to car finance, Fignum’s infinitely tailorable technology powers automated lending decisions, documentation and payments.

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Call-Center Optimisation

Increased contact rates, enhanced agent productivity and accountability. Our call center technology helps ensure interactions are fast and effective.

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Bespoke Development

We understand software development across financial services and the need for a fast pace; put us to the test on your next project.

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Software, Simplified.

Modern, Cloud SaaS solutions

Let us break the boundaries that are holding your business back. Gain the power to operate more efficiently with cloud-based software, built with leading-edge thinking and technology. Quick to deploy, it’s ready when you need it.

Every business is now digital

We blend insights and strategy to create digital products for forward-thinking organisations.

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See how Fignum is helping SME’s reduce late payments

Fignum is helping SMEs tackle late payers and improve cashflow with Paycada.

Seamlessly integrating with all popular small business accounting software platforms, Paycada automatically generates intelligent payment reminders, tracks outstanding invoices and provides a range of debt escalation, reporting and analysis tools.

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Design, Quality.

The best possible

Our simple goal is to make it ever easier for your new and existing customers to choose you. Fignum’s vast collective team industry experience is ready to create new ways to deliver on a mission to keep your customers happy.

Key Facts

We're ready for your

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Rock Solid Foundation

Created as the in-house IT development team of fintech and finance pioneer Bluestone Group, our tech is battle tested and our feet are firmly on the ground even if our tech is in the Cloud!

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Cutting-Edge Solutions

We pride ourselves on boundaryless thinking. Leveraging multi-tenant, cloud-based, SaaS web applications, we provide cost effective, smart tech that delivers quality solutions where flexibility is always ‘baked-in’.

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Top-Notch Talent

Great tech needs great people free to imagine fresh solutions to age-old challenges. Based in the heart of Cambridge, at Fignum, we have access to some of the greatest and freshest tech talent available.

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Tech That Works

Bluestone Group is a fintech success founded in 2000. The business’ fintech track-record is well-established and so is the technology. We have a digital way of thinking that continues to drive success.

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First-Class Integrations

We build out tech with client back-office integrations in mind. It means that there are no lengthy procurement processes. We are lean and ready to work with your team to make a rapid difference.

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Rapid and Flexible

Financial services is evolving; Speed and agility is business critical as businesses pivot to meet changing markets. We are ready to listen to your needs, adapt our technology and collaborate with you.

Fignum is a member of the Bluestone Group.

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